January 24, 2020

Farm Bill- Policy Issues; Ag Economy; Nutrition; Budget; Regulations; and, Trade

Farm Bill- Policy Issues

Sara Wyant reported last week at Agri-Pulse Online that, “House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas, R-OK, is ready to get a farm bill done. So ready that he told those attending the annual Great American Farm luncheon at the GOP convention today that, ‘I’m not sure which day, I’m not sure which month, but there will be a new farm bill.’”

The Agri-Pulse article indicated that, “So why has the GOP leadership been reluctant to schedule floor time?

“‘I think the leadership is concerned that, by the time you get some Democrats who won’t vote for a farm bill and some Republicans who won’t vote for the farm bill and the nervousness of an election year and suddenly you don’t have 218 votes.’

“‘I don’t believe that’s the case. I believe that, if you have an open, straightforward process, and I would prefer to have a rule that allows 20-30 amendments, that we can achieve consensus,’ Lucas explained. ‘The debate will help educate the members as a whole of what we are trying to do.’”

Last week’s article noted that, “Asked about the possibility of passing an extension before the current farm bill expires on Sept. 30, Lucas says he’s still focused on passing a bill through regular order. And that will continue to be his focus when Congress returns next month.”