January 29, 2020

Video: Sen. Stabenow Urges House to Pass Farm Bill

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From Bloomberg News, Sep. 11: “U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat from Michigan, talks about her efforts to pass a farm bill. Stabenow, chairwoman of Senate Agriculture Committee, speaks with Peter Cook on Bloomberg Television’s ‘Bottom Line.'”


Sen. Stabenow Farm Bill Press Conference

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Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow held a tele-news conference today with reporters regarding the Farm Bill.

Chairwoman Stabenow again called on the House Leadership to take up the Farm Bill passed by the House Agriculture Committee in July.

The Michigan Democrat, who is up for re-election this year, pointed to several deficiencies in a disaster related bill that the House passed back in early August, and noted that the five-year Farm Bill was the optimal way to more comprehensively deal with disaster related issues. She also referenced a letter from several farm and agricultural organizations that urged Senate leaders to “refrain from supporting” any legislation resembling the House-passed disaster bill.

Chairwoman Stabenow pointed out that if the House passed a bill, it could be conferenced with the Senate version over October, and that the conference bill could be voted on by both Chambers in November.

And, Chairwoman Stabenow noted that if House Leadership let the Ag Committee Farm Bill go through regular order, that “the votes are there” for it to pass. “I have been talking to people in the House, I am confident the votes are there if they are willing to do this on a bi-partisan vote,” she said.

If the House passed the bill, Chairwoman Stabenow expressed confidence “that the Leadership in the House and Senate Agriculture Committees can get the job done.”

A complete replay of the press briefing, including questions from reporters can be heard here:

A transcript of the press briefing is also available here (PDF).

Senators Stabenow and Harkin Discuss Farm Bill on Senate Floor

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On the Senate floor Monday, Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow (D, Mich.) made a presentation on the status of the Farm Bill and the need to get the legislation passed through the House and signed into law. She pointed out that the Senate passed a version of the Farm Bill in June, but action had stalled in the House.

As she was wrapping up her remarks, former Committee Chairman Tom Harkin (D., Iowa) also expressed additional perspective on the importance of getting a Farm Bill passed.

Sen. Harkin highlighted the significance of the nutrition title of the bill and noted that farmers had expressed concern to him over the August recess about the lack of movement on the overall farm legislation.

To listen to Sen. Stabenow’s entire presentation from yesterday, as well as the colloquy with Sen. Harkin click here:

While a key portion of yesterday’s remarks from the two Senators can be heard here:


Farm Bill; Ag Economy; and, CFTC Issue

Farm Bill

House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R., Okla.) spoke yesterday at the Southwest Agricultural Issues Summit in Austin, Texas; a full replay of his remarks can be heard here.

Going back to the joint effort from the House and Senate Agriculture Committees during the supercommittee process, Chairman Lucas discussed the development of the current Farm Bill including: Differences in the functionality of the Senate and House, some technical aspects of the SNAP (food stamps) enrollment process that differ among states, and the philosophical perspective of designing long-term U.S. farm policy for the potential bad times, as opposed to the good years. He also acknowledged that the Farm Bill is currently competing for time with other legislative priorities including budget issues, sequestration, and taxes.

Near the conclusion of his remarks, Chairman Lucas outlined the possible options to pass a Farm Bill; this portion of his remarks can be heard here (MP3- 4:00).

An update at noted that, “He [Chairman Lucas] explained why Direct Payments are being eliminated and what the options are for a farm bill this year. ‘I do know this. The best way to get President Obama to sign a farm bill is to get it on his desk before the election’ he said. ‘I don’t know when there will be a farm bill – I’m just not sure when and how yet. And I will tell you as Chairman it will be a farm bill that we can all participate in.'”