December 9, 2019

Rep. Boswell Talks Farm Bill with Des Moines Register

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Yesterday Rep. Leonard Boswell (D., Iowa), who currently serves on the Ag Committee, sat down with The Des Moines Register editorial board for a wide-ranging discussion on issues associated with his race for Congress in Iowa’s new Third Congressional District against Rep. Tom Latham (R).

During the discussion, the topic of the stalled Farm Bill came up; to listen to a portion of this part of yesterday’s Register interview with Rep. Boswell, click on the listen bar below.

In part, Rep. Boswell discussed the importance of crop insurance, and biofuels, while expressing his frustration that Speaker Boehner has not let the Farm Bill passed by the Ag Committee come to the floor for debate and a vote.

He was asked about the idea of putting conservation compliance requirements on producers in order to make them eligible for crop insurance. Rep. Boswell indicated that he thinks that idea should be discussed and noted that there is “not too much land around” that “hasn’t had conservation practices take place.”

Rep. Boswell also noted that Rep. Latham has not been able to persuade the Speaker on the Farm Bill- related audio below:

And Rep. Boswell also talked about nutrition issues and the SNAP program, related clip below:

For more information on Rep. Latham’s visit with The Des Moines Register editorial board, just click here.


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