October 19, 2019

NCIS Video- $2 Billion in Indemnity Payments Already in the Hands of Farmers

From National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS), October 2, 2012- “With the vast majority of the U.S. corn, cotton, soybean and sorghum crops yet to be harvested, crop insurance companies have already paid out nearly $2 billion in indemnities to farmers who have suffered losses this year.

“‘America’s heartland has taken a beating from Mother Nature and the crop insurance industry is committed to servicing the nation’s farmers and getting indemnity payments into the hands of policyholders as quickly as possible,’ said Tom Zacharias, president of National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS). Zacharias noted that the industry’s 5,000 claims adjusters are working day and night to expedite claims for farmers who have suffered from this year’s drought.

“A new NCIS video offers unique insight into the direct impact of the drought, featuring testimonials from farmers and crop insurance agents who discuss the heartbreaking destruction and losses they have witnessed this year.”

The video is available here:

Today’s NCIS release added that, “Illinois Crop insurance agent Todd Harris explained that most of the farmers in his area have never had a claim. He said that while a crop insurance indemnity offers some peace of mind, it never compares to the financial benefit of a good harvest. ‘These folks take a substantial hit when they have to turn in a claim,’ he said.

“‘We have heard from farmers who live in parts of the country where losses tend to be more common, and farmers who live where losses rarely occur,’ said Zacharias. ‘What they all have in common is that crop insurance gives them peace of mind to cope with the drought, but also gives them the guarantee for a chance to farm again next year.'”


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