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Kay County (Okla.) Dust Storm Shuts Down I-35

A news releaseon October 18 from the Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts indicated that, “A major dust storm that closed down interstate 35 in north central Oklahoma provides a vivid example of why it’s critical that the State and Federal Government not turn their back on natural resource conservation and that Farmers and Ranchers continue to practice good soil stewardship on their land according to Joe Parker, President of the Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts (OACD).

“‘Conservation is critical to the state of Oklahoma and you only have to look at what happened today in Kay County to understand why,’ Parker said. ‘The record drought we have been experiencing coupled with high winds and exposed soils combined to create conditions ripe for this sort of situation. This is exactly why we need to protect our natural resources and why we all need to maintain a focus on good conservation.’

On Thursday October 18, wind gusts as high as 55 miles an hour blew a massive dust storm through northern Oklahoma that reduced visibility to less than 10 feet. Near black-out conditions forced the closure of Interstate 35 near the Kansas-Oklahoma border. According to OACD Executive Director Clay Pope, this is exactly why soil conservation should be front and center in the minds of both agriculture producers and policy makers.”

Photos of the dust storm, from KOCO-TV Oklahoma City News Channel 5, have been posted below: