January 23, 2020

Farm Bill; Budget; Ag Economy; Trade; and, Regulations

Farm Bill Issues

Leonard N. Fleming noted on Friday at The Detroit News Online that after her 58 percent to 38 percent victory on Tuesday, Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow (D., Mich.) indicated that: “Now it’s just back to work.”

“One of her first priorities is to get the farm bill through the House,” Friday’s article said.

Mr. Fleming quoted Chairwoman Stabenow as saying, “‘I’m very hopeful going back next week that we will be able to get the attention of the leadership in the House to get the farm bill done because we’re running out of time.  As of the beginning of January, we have serious consequences that will start. Milk prices going up and other things.”

In a statement released on Friday, Chairwoman Stabenow noted that, “Americans could not be more clear that now that the election is over, they want us to work together to create jobs and reduce the deficit. If Congress can work together to pass the Farm Bill, it will create the trust and momentum we need to overcome gridlock and solve the challenges our country faces. Passing a bipartisan Farm Bill that reduces the deficit by $23 billion is a significant first step in meeting the critical deficit reduction challenges our country must face head-on this year.”