January 21, 2020

C-SPAN “Newsmakers” with Sen. Stabenow (D-MI)

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From C-SPAN Online- “Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) talks about what’s next on the Farm Bill, after a small part of it was passed as part of the fiscal cliff package, with the bulk of it unpassed.”

Related clip from the interview below:

Some analysts see a rougher time in 2013 with attempts to pass a farm bill. Senator Stabenow has been critical of the farm measures approved this past week as part of the fiscal legislation, measures worked out by Senators Mitch McConnell and Vice President Joe Biden. [See related floor speech on this issue from New Years Eve].

“She and Ranking Member Pat Roberts had worked together on a farm bill that passed the Senate in September but that was not passed in the House. The Agriculture Committee’s new ranking member, Sen. Thad Cochran, may want to change the bill, some analysts think. [Related audio from the interview on this issue here (MP3- 1:34); while a related clip on the SNAP program (food stamps) can be heard here (MP3- 1:53)].

“Senator Stabenow also talks about her views of prospects on other Senate legislation & Senate operations such as the filibuster.

“Our guest reporters this week are National Journal Contributing Editor Jerry Hagstrom and Roll Call Congressional Reporter Niels Lesniewski.”

The C-SPAN interview can be viewed here, and a related Roll Call article can be found here.


Farm Bill Extension- Reactions, Details

Farm Bill: Background and Reaction

Associated Press writer Mary Clare Jalonick reported yesterday that, “A patchwork extension of federal farm programs passed as part of a larger ‘fiscal cliff’ bill keeps the price of milk from rising but doesn’t include many of the goodies that farm-state lawmakers are used to getting for their rural districts.

“House and Senate Agriculture Committee leaders who spent more than a year working on a half-trillion-dollar, five-year farm bill that would keep subsidies flowing had to accept in the final hours a slimmed-down, nine-month extension of 2008 law with few extras for anyone.

With the new Congress opening Thursday, they’ll have to start the farm bill process over again, most likely with even less money for agriculture programs this year and the recognition that farm interests have lost some of the political clout they once held.”


New Ag. Comm. Member Gloria Negrete McLeod on “Washington Journal”

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Rep.-Elect Gloria Negrete McLeod (D., Calif.), who will serve on the Agriculture Committee, was a guest on yesterday’s “Washington Journal” program on C-SPAN. The complete interview with Rep. McLeod is available here.

In part, Rep. McLeod answered a question from a call in C-SPAN viewer on the food stamp, or SNAP program. Her response and brief comments on this issue are included below.