January 23, 2020

Video Clip: Sen. Casey Pushes for Farm Bill

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From CBS 21 Television News (Harrisburg, Pa.)- Senate Agriculture Committee Member Bob Casey (D., Pa.) spoke briefly about the Farm Bill this week, and noted that, “he will push for Congress to work on a farm bill this year.”


Farm Bill- Policy Issues; Ag Economy; and, Biofuels

Farm Bill- Policy Issues

Tim Carpenter reported earlier this week at The Topeka Capital-Journal Online that, “Sen. Pat Roberts promised Kansas farmers Wednesday he would dig his boot heel into formation of a new five-year farm bill covering crop insurance, production incentives and nutrition programs.

“The Kansas Republican, who serves on the Senate Agriculture Committee, said during a Topeka meeting of the Kansas Soybean Association that decline in the number of farmers in the U.S. House and Senate weakened the political coalition that traditionally gave rise to federal farm legislation.

“‘I have member after member after member say, ‘Agriculture? Let’s cut it.’ It’s going to be tough sledding, folks,’ Roberts said.”

The article added that, “‘We didn’t have any responsible solution except to extend that [Farm] bill with the opposition we faced in the House. It wasn’t the best possible bill. It was the only bill possible,’ Roberts said.

“He said retention of the old farm bill could serve the interests of some Kansas farmers suffering from a third year of drought because direct payments would be available. These producers will be eligible for relief without passage of a separate disaster aid bill, he said.”