January 21, 2020

Photo From Today’s Los Angeles Times- French Farmers and Regulations

This photo was included on page A-2 of today’s Los Angeles Times– the caption states that, “[French] Farmers use tractors to create a partial blockade of the city as part of a nationwide demonstration against new environmental regulations.”


Related Reuters article available here.


Video Clip: Agriculture Sec. Vilsack Calls On Congress To Pass Farm Bill

Categories: Farm Bill

From USDA, Jan. 17- “Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual meeting that Congress must act soon and pass a Farm Bill.”


Policy Issues; Ag Economy; and, Immigration

Policy Issues

Julie Buntjer reported earlier this week at the Worthington Daily Globe (Minn.) Online that, “On her second day of a two-day Homegrown Energy Tour of southwest and west central Minnesota, U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Tuesday was both eager to talk about the failed attempts to pass new federal farm bill legislation and see what Minnesota-grown companies are doing to produce clean energy from wind, sunlight, corn and soybeans.”

The article noted that, “‘If we could somehow get our courage up to get a debt deal done … then I truly believe energy and immigration reform are probably the two issues where we could get some bipartisan consensus.’

“‘We need to push an energy vote for a longer term instead of year to year to year, which is so damaging not just for you guys, but for wind, solar — everyone involved in this,’ Klobuchar added.”