January 21, 2020

Inaugural Address- Policy Issues; Budget; and, the Ag Economy

Inaugural Address, and Other Issues (Farm Bill, Food Safety, Biofuels)

Carol E. Lee reported in today’s Wall Street Journal that, “President Barack Obama began his second term Monday by setting an agenda for the next four years built on bedrock Democratic social policies, in a provocative speech coming at a time of deep partisanship in the capital and lingering economic uncertainty across the country…[H]is priorities sent a message to Washington’s leaders that he is looking beyond the fiscal battles set to dominate the coming weeks, while signaling to the nation that he sees a large part of his legacy to be advocacy for underprivileged Americans.”

The Journal article noted that, “Mr. Obama took the ceremonial oath of office shortly before noon in front of hundreds of thousands of Americans stretching across the National Mall. In the speech that followed, he sought to reassure Democrats that he wouldn’t compromise on their core principles and to warn Republicans he planned to pursue policies that place the two parties squarely at odds.”