January 21, 2020

Farm Bill; Ag Economy; Regulations; Senate; and, CFTC

Farm Bill

Gannett writer Christopher Doering reported earlier this week that, “The House Agriculture Committee has not decided when it will begin the arduous task of crafting a new farm bill, the head of the panel said Wednesday.

“Rep. Frank Lucas, R- Okla., said there are a lot of moving parts that are delaying action by the committee.”

Collin Peterson of Minnesota, the top Democrat on the House Agriculture Committee, said lawmakers representing rural areas need to first see how they fare in the budget discussions,” the article said.

Mr. Doering noted that, “Peterson said the divide over the scope of cuts to nutrition programs, widely blamed last year for derailing hopes of passing a new farm law, was overblown. Republicans, he said, merely used it as a reason to give the public to explain why the bill was being delayed… [F]or now, Peterson said the committee is looking for guidance from House and Senate leaders as to how big the cuts to nutrition programs should be. ‘We have a list of changes that can be made to reduce the food stamp budget, so all we need is a number,’ said Peterson.”