February 24, 2020

Rep. McGovern’s 2nd ‘End Hunger Now’ speech- Thursday

Categories: Farm Bill

House Agriculture Committee Member Jim McGovern (D., Mass.) spoke on the House floor today about hunger issues in the United States.

In part, Rep. McGovern noted that, “Over 50 million people are hungry in America – more than 50 million who struggle to put food their tables. Many of these are hard-working people whose jobs just do not pay enough to feed their families. We need to use every opportunity we have to talk about it, to shine a light on the plight of the hungry, to take hunger out of the shadows and rededicate ourselves to the need to End Hunger Now.”

Rep. McGovern also “called for a White House Conference on Food and Nutrition.”

He stated that, “Over the years, there have been citywide, countywide and statewide hunger summits. Food banks, hospitals, colleges and universities have all held these events. But there hasn’t been one nationwide hunger summit, convened by the White House, since President Nixon hosted such a summit in 1969 – over 44 years ago!”

Rep. McGovern also spoke about U.S. hunger issues back on February 5.


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