January 28, 2020

Budget- Policy Issues; Ag Economy; EPA- Biofuels; and, Immigration

Budget- Policy Issues

DTN Ag Policy Editor Chris Clayton reported yesterday (link requires subscription) that, “If members of Congress don’t like how USDA has to implement budget cuts under the sequester, then they should stop writing the U.S. agriculture secretary letters and instead write a new bill.

“That was U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s advice Wednesday as he talked to reporters about sequester cuts during the USDA Outlook Forum just outside of Washington.

“‘It’s a bad, bad policy and I think when it was passed the assumption was it was so bad that folks would be reasonable and reach a consensus on an alternative,’ Vilsack said. ‘And that’s what they should do … Rather than write letters and ask me to do things I can’t do, how about writing a bill and getting it passed?’”