February 28, 2020

Rep. Austin Scott, Sec. Vilsack: Intense Discussion on USDA Budget Issues at Today’s Hearing

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Rep. Austin Scott (R., Ga.) and Sec. of Ag. Tom Vilsack had an intense and somewhat testy conversation regarding USDA budgetary issues at today’s House Ag. Comm. hearing.

The entire exchange can be viewed here:


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Budget Issues Persist

Kerry Young reported yesterday at Roll Call Online that, “House appropriators are proposing a final fiscal 2013 spending package that would effectively cap federal operating expenses at $982 billion, while giving military and veterans programs new flexibility to cushion the effects of the sequester’s automatic cuts.

“The House is expected to vote Thursday on the measure unveiled Monday, which combines Defense and Military Construction-VA bills with a stopgap continuing resolution covering most of the rest of the federal agencies.”

The article noted that, “Although Senate Democrats still may take a different approach with the CR by adding in separate measures beyond defense, neither side appears to be eager to stir a confrontation by doing much more about the sequester or potentially creating a new shutdown threat. The president and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., were among those who last week predicted new fiscal 2013 appropriations would be cleared before the current six-month fiscal 2013 continuing resolution (PL 112-175) expires March 27.”