December 9, 2019

Video: Sen. Coons Highlights Sequester, Meat Inspector Issues on Senate Floor Tuesday

On Tuesday, Sen. Chris Coons (D., Del.) addressed food safety issues associated with the sequester and meat inspectors on the Senate floor.

Specifically, Sen. Coons spoke about the pending continuing resolution (CR) in the Senate and stated that, “With the sequester having kicked in, many of us who are from states that have livestock or poultry processing are aware of the impending and significant negative impact on our home states and our economies, on people’s employment and on their opportunity to support their families.

“And so I wanted to briefly speak in support of what I know are Sen. [Barbara] Mikulski’s [D., Md.] tireless efforts to ensure that the 6,200 meat and poultry processing plants in this country do not get needlessly shut down.”


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