January 21, 2020

Rep. McGovern’s 6th “End Hunger Now” Floor Speech

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House Agriculture Committee Member Jim McGovern (D., Mass.) spoke on the House floor on Tuesday about hunger issues in the United States.

In part, Rep. McGovern stated that, “Once again, Chairman Ryan has proposed a budget that guts low-income programs. The Ryan budget not only does not End Hunger Now, it actually makes hunger in America worse than it is today.”

Rep. McGovern also spoke about U.S. hunger issues back on March 14, March 4th, February 26, February 14 and on February 5.


Rep. Kaptur Notes Cuts to Nurtiton in House GOP Budget

Categories: Budget /Farm Bill

On Tuesday, Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Ohio) noted on the House floor that the GOP budget proposal includes cuts to Senior Farmers Markets Nutrition Coupons, which she argued would hurt the health of U.S. seniors.


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Budget Issues

David Rogers reported yesterday at Politico that, “A stopgap bill to avert a government shutdown next week and keep agencies operating through September advanced in the Senate Monday night — powered by a renewed bipartisan partnership in the Appropriations Committee leadership.

“On a 63-35 roll call, 10 Republicans joined Democrats to limit further debate on the 587-page package, which seeks to greatly expand on the House-passed version of the same continuing resolution or CR.

“The strength of the vote all but assures passage, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said it was his ‘sincere hope’ that this will occur Tuesday. All indications are once the Senate acts, the House Appropriations Committee leadership is prepared to take the modified Senate CR directly to the House floor, possibly as early as Thursday.”