January 23, 2020

Rep. Shimkus Encourages Media To Scrutinize RINs Issue

Categories: Ethanol

Today on the House floor, Rep. John Shimkus (IL-15) asked questions about the price of RINs (Renewable Identification Numbers) in a brief one-minute speech.

In part, he noted that, “There are questions that need to be asked on why such a swift, dramatic price shifts are being reported in the market. Are speculators at work?

“There is an excess of over 2 billion RINs, why is that not proving and providing stability? I encourage the media to ask these types of questions- but to simply jump out and blame the renewable fuels sector is incorrect.”


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Budget Issues

David Rogers reported yesterday at Politico that, “A far-reaching six-month funding bill cleared the Senate on Wednesday afternoon after final adjustments were made for the meat industry to forestall the planned furloughs of food safety inspectors this summer in the wake of sequestration.

“The measure goes next to the House, which is expected to give its quick approval Thursday so as to avoid any threat of a government shutdown when the current continuing resolution runs out March 27.

“The final 73-26 Senate roll call followed a 63-36 vote in which 10 Republicans — nine of them from the Senate Appropriations Committee — again provided pivotal support. And the eight days of floor debate signaled a renewal of that bipartisan partnership that has been historically important in moving legislation through the Senate.”