January 28, 2020

Farm Bill; Ag Economy; Regulations; Biofuels; and, Immigration

Farm Bill

On the House Floor Friday, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R., Va.) and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D., Md.) discussed the upcoming floor schedule and the Farm Bill (video replay and transcript available here).

Rep. Cantor stated that, “Chairman Frank Lucas and the members of the Agriculture Committee have worked very hard to produce a 5-year farm bill with strong reforms, and I look forward to a full debate on the floor.”

Seemingly less confident that the measure will reach a vote on the floor, Rep. Hoyer indicated that, “If I can ask him [Cantor] a question initially about the farm bill, which has obviously been very controversial in the past, still remains controversial in many ways, and I’m wondering, in light of the fact that the Senate passed a farm bill in a pretty bipartisan way, 66–27, with 18 Republicans voting in favor, but I know the Speaker has observed the divisions within the Republican Conference, and obviously there are some divisions within our caucus as well, and I’m wondering whether or not in fact the gentleman is confident that we will get to completion and a vote on the farm bill next week.”

Rep. Cantor replied: “I would respond by saying that it’s certainly our intention to complete deliberation on the farm bill. The Speaker has continued to commit himself and our conference to an open process for this House, and I look forward to a robust debate on what, as the gentleman knows, has been a bipartisan effort at the committee.”