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Video: Farm Bill Sugar Amendment, No. 98 on House Floor

On Thursday morning, House Members debated Amendment No. 98 to the Farm Bill which was sponsored by Rep. Joe Pitts (R., Pa.). The amendment, “Reforms the Federal sugar program, and for other purposes. Primarily, it returns the raw sugar cane price support to its historic level of 18 cents per pound and continues to establish the refined beet sugar price support at 128.5% of the cane rate.

“In addition, it amends provisions for sugar marketing allotments by repealing a provision that establishes allotments at no less than 85% of domestic consumption. Furthermore, it repeals current restrictions on the Secretary of Agriculture‚Äôs authority to adjust import quotas for raw and refined sugar and repeals the Feedstock Flexibility Program under which surplus sugar must be purchased by the federal government and re-sold to ethanol plants at a loss.”

Below is a video replay of the debate on that amendment.