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Chairwoman Stabenow Discusses Farm Bill on MSNBC Today

Today on “NOW with Alex Wagner” (MSNBC), Sen. Ag Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow (D., Mich.) discussed the Farm Bill.

In part, Chairwoman Stabenow indicated that: “In my judgment, I am not going to allow—I will do everything in my power to stop just a temporary continuation like was done last year. Why? Because all of the subsidies these guys say they want to end that they don’t support would continue under a continuation budget. We’d have no savings; we would have no reforms.

“All of those things that they talk about would be eliminated and we would just continue with the old way, spending way too much money on the wrong things, and things like local food systems, organics, fruits and vegetables, healthy foods in schools, would not have the funding to continue. So I don’t support that. They need to get the job done.”

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