January 24, 2020

Farm Policy Issues; Ag Economy; and, Immigration

Farm Policy Issues- Biotech

Pat Curtis reported yesterday at Radio Iowa Online that, “A Minnesota Congressman who is playing a key role in enacting a new Farm Bill was in Iowa City over the weekend for a forum on the issue. Collin Peterson met with farmers and advocates for providing food assistance to those who can’t afford it. Peterson, the House Agriculture Committee’s top-ranking Democrat, says farmers would suffer greatly if they were not provided government help in paying crop insurance premiums.

“‘In my opinion, if you don’t have some sort of crop insurance product available to ordinary people and a reasonable target price floor, what you’re going to end up with is rich people with deep pockets farming and nobody else. That’s what you’re going to end up with and that is bad for the country and I’m not going to be part of it,’ Peterson said.”