January 29, 2020

Farm Bill; RFS; Ag Economy; and, Immigration

Farm Bill

Yesterday on the Agriculture Today radio program (Red River Farm Network), Don Wick filed a report from the FarmFest event in Redwood County, Minn.

The report, which can be heard here (MP3- 1:53), included remarks and observations on the Farm Bill process from House Ag. Committee Ranking Member Collin Peterson (D., Minn.).

Rep. Peterson noted in part that, “All I can tell you is this, that the Speaker told me when we left on Friday that he is going to ask for a vote on the food stamp thing right away when we get back after Labor Day.

“They are not sure it is going to pass, but whatever happens- up or down- he’s going to appoint conferees the next day, and he wants to get the bill done by September 30th.”

Rep. Peterson added that, “The problem is, in my opinion, that what’s going to end up being the compromise with the Senate, the majority of the Republicans in the House will not support.  And so it’s going to take, probably a majority- a significant majority- of Democrats to work with the Republicans to get this done.

“The question is going to be at that point is will the Republicans allow that to happen.  Some people think they won’t.”

Don Wick’s Agriculture Today report also included these remarks from Rep. Peterson: “This was caused by the Majority Leader of the Congress, Mr. CantorHe is the one that caused this problem.  He is the one that made this bill partisan.  And I’m sorry, but I don’t get along with that guy, and I don’t know what to do with him- other than somebody [take] him off someplace for six months- than maybe we could get this done.”

An update at the Red River Farm Network Online indicated that, “If a bill can’t be completed, an extension is certainly possible. If necessary, a two-year extension may be the best bet.”