January 29, 2020

Video: Farm Bill Should Be a Priority

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American Farm Bureau (Aug. 14)- “Farmers and ranchers will have to convince members of Congress that the Farm Bill should be a priority for them when they come back from summer break.”


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Farm Bill

A news release yesterday from Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D., Conn.) stated that, “[DeLauro] led 204 House Democrats in calling on Speaker Boehner not to push more Americans into hunger. In a letter, they implored the Speaker to include funding for nutrition programs in any future Farm Bill that comes before the House of Representatives. Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi issued a statement supporting the letter.

“All the representatives and delegates who wrote to the Speaker opposed the version of the Farm Bill that passed the House of Representatives last month and did not include nutrition programs, as the Farm Bill traditionally has.

“‘The Republican leadership recently forced through a Farm Bill reauthorization, H.R. 2642, which did not include the nutrition title, a major part of the Farm Bill that would reauthorize SNAP,’ they wrote. ‘We voted against this bill in large part because of this intentional omission. We strongly believe in the critical importance of SNAP. Given the essential nature of this program to millions of American families, the final language of the Farm Bill or any other legislation related to SNAP must be crafted to ensure that we do not increase hunger in America.’”