January 29, 2020

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Farm Bill

Bloomberg writers John McCormick and Greg Giroux reported earlier this week that, “As the U.S. economy recovers from the worst recession since the Great Depression, the explosive growth of food stamps remains a lingering legacy. And now the program comes with an irony, as the Republicans seeking to cut it also represent vast numbers of recipients.

“Among the 254 counties where food stamp recipients doubled between 2007 and 2011, Republican Mitt Romney won 213 of them in last year’s presidential election, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data compiled by Bloomberg. Kentucky’s Owsley County, which backed Romney with 81 percent of its vote, has the largest proportion of food stamp recipients among those that he carried.”

The Bloomberg article pointed out that, “Hal Rogers, the Republican chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, represents the county and in winning his 16th term last year got 84 percent of its vote. His 5th congressional district in southeast Kentucky has the largest proportion of food stamp recipients among any held by a Republican, the data shows.”

(See a related article from earlier this month in which Chairman Rogers addressed nutrition issues with his constituents, “Rogers: Pulaskians who need food stamps will get them,” Aug. 5. Bill Mardis.  Commonwealth Journal (Somerset, Ky.)).