January 29, 2020

Food Prices Rising Slower Than Expected

From USDA (Aug 19, 2013)- “Food price inflation won’t be as high this year as the USDA originally expected.”


Farm Bill; Ag Economy; and, Biofuels

Farm Bill- Lawmaker Perspectives

Ron Hays, writing yesterday at the Oklahoma Farm Report Online, provided a recap of an interview he had with House Ag Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R., Okla.) on Saturday.  An audio replay of the discussion is available here.

In part, Mr. Hays noted that, “Lucas says rural America is concentrating on the Commodity Title- Title One– with the Senate and the House offering different plans in the measures that have cleared each respective body. Lucas says he has spent time in the corn belt both last year and this year- and the prospects of a bumper crop here in 2013 might force especially the corn farmers who has strongly called for the shallow loss plan advanced in the Senate to rethink what will help their producers. Lucas told Hays that when you start talking corn- ‘Now we’re bouncing around in the four dollar range, depending on which weather forecast you get- I would say there’s a distinct possibility that shallow loss revenue might not work for them’ [related clip on this issue here (MP3- 2:03)].

“Also discussed was Crop Insurance and the attacks on the program, Heritage Action’s call for a one year extension of current farm policy to get a chance for major reforms and why Chairman Lucas is interested in permanent law being updated to become the 2013 measure instead of the 1949 act.

“During his comments made to the farm audience- Lucas pledged ‘we will get a farm bill done this year’ and strongly defended the idea of changing permanent lawsaying it’s much easier to defend a position established rather than having to advance new legislation every four to five years.”