January 25, 2020

Video: Majority Leader Cantor Notes Nutrition Legislation

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On the House floor today, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R., Va.) discussed next week’s legislative schedule, which will include a measure regarding the SNAP program, The Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act.

Rep. Cantor stated that, “The House will also consider the Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act, authored by Agriculture chairman, Representative FRANK LUCAS. This legislation restores the intent of the bipartisan welfare reforms adopted in 1996 to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. It also refocuses the program on those who need it most. No law-abiding beneficiary who meets the income and asset tests of the current program and is willing to comply with the applicable work requirements will lose his benefits under the bill.”


MSNBC Video: House Republicans seek food stamp cut as millions go hungry

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From MSNBC- Sept. 12- “Next week, House Republicans are expected to vote on a bill sponsored by Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) that would cut the nation’s food stamp program by $40 billion over the next 10 years–a move that would kick four to six million Americans off of food stamps. These cuts are coming at a time when nearly 15% of U.S. households–or 49 million Americans–are living in “food insecure” households.

“About 48 million Americans are currently on food stamps, but these households are still struggling to put food on their tables. According to USDA estimates, about half of households that received food stamps suffered from some amount of food security, largely because the subsidy is so small. The average food stamp benefit per person, per month is $133, which translates to $1.50 per day, per meal.

“On Thursday, Feeding America’s Maura Daly joined NOW with Alex Wagner to discuss hunger in America and the pending food stamp legislation in the House.”


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Mike Lillis reported yesterday at The Hill Online that, “The top Democrat on the House Agriculture Committee has launched a new strategy for passing a farm bill this year: threaten to send milk prices skyrocketing.

“Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) said he called Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack this week suggesting that the agency begin the process of implementing the 1949-era dairy policies that would take effect Oct. 1 if Congress fails to act on a farm bill before then.

“‘Clearly this is not going to get done by the 1st of October, so my suggestion to the secretary is that they should start now putting the framework together to implement the permanent law on dairy Jan. 1,’ Peterson said Wednesday in the Capitol. ‘And it sounds to me like they’re going to take a very serious look at that.’”