February 29, 2020

Leader Cantor Discusses Food Stamp Cuts on Fox News Channel

Categories: Farm Bill

From the Fox News Channel On the Record with Greta Van Susteren program, Sept. 19, “Is the GOP strategy to cut food stamps misguided? With spending cuts needed, a debate over the debt ceiling raging and a government shutdown looming, the House votes to cut food stamp assistance by $4 billion a year.”

In part, Rep. Cantor indicated that, ““Nobody chooses to be on food stamps. I think most people would say they want a job. People who are in need of help should have it, and this bill does provide for anyone that is in need of that help will get it. But what it also says is the dignity of a job is what things should be about in these programs. In fact, going back to 1996, when a Republican Congress worked with President Bill Clinton, they overhauled the welfare program in this country and instituted a workfare requirement.

“And that’s all this does. What it says is if you’re able-bodied, you should be willing to work, not that you have to have a job because there’s many parts of the country that don’t have jobs, but that you could go and participate in community service activities or a workfare program. Again, most people would say, no, I don’t want a life of dependency, I want to be able to get back to work…What’s happened since 2009, President Obama has essentially issued nationwide waivers to the work requirement. That was what allowed the 1996 welfare reform to be so successful, that people actually came off the welfare rolls because they were back into productive mode. That’s what we’re trying to do for people. We are not saying that there shouldn’t be a safety net.

“Certainly, there should be…Think about it. If somebody is abusing the system or if somebody somehow gets used to a life of dependency, how is it fair for the working middle class of this country to have overtime, to go to work two jobs to help pay for that? That’s the fairness in all of this. It’s to help people.”


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