January 25, 2020

Washington Post Video: “Food Stamps: We asked, Congress Answered”

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From the Washington Post, Sept. 21, “In Play posed the same questions about the food stamp program to two lawmakers, Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) and Steve Southerland (R-Fla.), with very different views. Their answers may surprise you. (The Washington Post)”


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Farm Bill Issues

A recent update at the Red River Farm Network (RRFN) Online indicated that, “The House needs to pass a procedural motion to combine the farm bill and the just-passed nutrition bill before farm bill conferees can be named. ‘Once that is done, the legislation will go to the United States Senate,’ said House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas, ‘They would have the option of accepting it. I think that’s not very likely to occur. They’ll reject, I would assume. At that point, they’ll ask for a conference. We’ll agree to a conference. They’ll appoint conferees. We’ll appoint conferees. So mechanically, because we’re not in session until Wednesday, it’s probably the following week before we can get the conferees appointed.’ The House and Senate both make cuts in food stamps, but the level of those cuts is far apart. Both chambers also take a different policy approach to the commodity title.  ‘The Senate has a major focus on what many of us call shallow loss crop revenue,’ Lucas told RRFN, ‘The United States House version has passed and sent to the Senate, for their consideration, a very strong choice proposal.’ The House plan includes a shallow loss option and ‘what we call a price protection option.’ RRFN’s exclusive interview with Lucas can be heard online [MP3- 3:44].”