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Rep. Walz Notes Farm Bill on House Floor

Ag Committee Member Tim Walz (D., Minn.) highlighted the Farm Bill on the House floor today.

Rep. Walz stated that, “Thank you, Mister Speaker. The one thing I hear from my constituents when I talk to them out in southern Minnesota is, ‘Is it so much to ask you folks just to do your job?’ As the drama swirls and the brinkmanship goes, and it’s déjà vu all over again, certain things shouldn’t be that difficult.

“As we’re doing this, my farmers and ranchers and millions of them across the country are going about their work every day – getting up before dawn, doing their work – feeding us, clothing us, and powering this country. They’ve asked us to pass a Farm Bill. Four months ago, the Senate did it. Four months ago, the House Ag Committee did it. That wasn’t good enough. We came to this floor, we created drama, we tried to make being hungry a sin – and now you’ve got a monstrosity.

“Well you know what? The constitution makes it very clear: bring the two together, conference the bill, and pass something that’s good for America.

“I get it. You don’t like the Senate bill. I get it. Senate doesn’t like this bill. But you know what? Let’s get together and get something we both equally dislike but at least it serves the people and moves something forward.

“The time is now. The Farm Bill is waiting. People are hungry and producers are growing food. Pass the Farm Bill.”