November 21, 2019

Farm Bill; Budget; Ag Economy; and, the CFTC

Farm Bill

Gina Chon reported yesterday at The Financial Times Online that, “The poisonous politics of the US government shutdown is infecting other bills that Congress is looking to tackle this year, dampening hopes for compromise and delaying work on other legislation.”

The FT article noted that, “One of the most critical issues Congress must pass before the year-end is the farm bill, which sets food and nutrition policy. The current legislation expired on September 30, although many farm programmes will be able to continue to the end of December.

“Legislators must pass a bill this year or risk cuts to Department of Agriculture initiatives and other programmes that help farmers and the poor. The sticking point has been differences over the food stamp programme, which provides assistance to low-income individuals and families.

“The Republican-dominated House is pushing to cut about $40bn from that food aid programme, a move that the Democratic-led Senate opposes. This week, the Senate asked for a conference with the House to resolve differences on the bill, but has not yet had a response.”