November 21, 2019

Video and Transcript: Rep. Noem Discusses Livestock Loss in S.D.

(October 8)- Rep. Kristi Noem (R., S.D.) speaks on the House Floor about livestock loss in western South Dakota.

Below is a transcript of Rep. Noem’s full remarks, from the Congressional Record (at page H6350):

Mr. Speaker, last weekend, a record blizzard hit my State of South Dakota. Some places in the Black Hills saw almost 4 feet of snow in just 2 days. Thousands were without power. Thousands are still without power. Emergency vehicles were stranded along with the people that they were trying to rescue.


Farm Bill; Budget; Ag Economy; and, GMO Issues

Farm Bill

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette writer Sarah D. Wire reported yesterday that, “There is still a long way to go to renew the farm bill that expired Tuesday, members of Arkansas’ delegation said last week. And they aren’t sure how Congress will get there. The farm bill got little notice in the waning days of the federal fiscal year, with attention shifting to whether Congress would pass a resolution to temporarily fund the government.

The farm bill didn’t cover the 2014 fiscal year, so it would have ended, even if a short-term budget resolution had passed.”