November 17, 2019

Video: Farm Bill Special Order- House

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Several lawmakers took part in a Farm Bill special order on the Farm Bill today in the House.

Rep. Rodney Davis (R., Il.) noted that, “Lost in the discussions of the government shutdown and the debt limit is the fact that the Farm Bill expired earlier this month. Our farmers and our entire agriculture sector need the certainty that a long-term Farm Bill will bring them. I’m hosting this special order to give my colleagues the opportunity to speak on the importance of a Farm Bill and to reaffirm our support for finalizing a long-term bill as soon as possible.”


Farm Bill- Budget Issues; and, Biofuels

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Farm Bill Issues: Title I, Conservation Compliance, SNAP

David Rogers reported yesterday at Politico that, “The biggest wild card in the farm bill this fall could be an old-new idea from weathered West Texas with the nickname: SCO.

“That stands for Supplemental Coverage Option — a mouthful for what began as a pretty straightforward plan to let farmers buy lower-cost crop insurance based on county-wide losses, not those of a single farm.”