January 21, 2020

President Obama Signs 2014 Farm Bill Into Law

Categories: Farm Bill

Michael D. Shear reported in today’s New York Times that, “President Obama signed the $956 billion farm bill on Friday at Michigan State University, where he extolled the benefits of a thriving agricultural sector for the nation’s overall economy [transcript of remarks,  video replay of signing ceremony,  White House Blog update].

“Standing in front of a tractor and other farm equipment, Mr. Obama said the legislation ‘lifts up our rural communities’ and would give more Americans ‘a shot at opportunity’ in the years ahead.

“‘We’ve had the strongest stretch of farm exports in our history,’ Mr. Obama told about 500 farmers and local officials in a horse barn at the university. ‘We are selling more stuff to more people than ever before,’ he said, adding, ‘What we grow here and what we sell is a huge boost to the entire economy, but particularly the rural economy.’”