January 22, 2020

Crop insurance for … poultry? Coons pushes idea- The (Salisbury) Daily Times Reports

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Via The Daily Times (Salisbury, Md.)- “Congress wants to find out if a federal crop insurance program is feasible when the crop in question is chickens or turkeys.

“An amendment to the farm bill, recently passed by both the House and Senate, calls for a report drawn up for Congress on whether a federal program should be launched to insure poultry growers ‘against business disruptions caused by integrator bankruptcy‘ or by ‘a catastrophic event.’

The provision in the bill was championed by Sens. Chris Coons, D-Del., and Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga. In a news conference Tuesday, Coons said he envisions an insurance program that would have helped growers for Allen Family Foods when the Sussex County-based company went bankrupt in 2011.”

Full report available here.


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David Pierson reported yesterday at the Los Angeles Times Online that, “For decades, China’s rulers deemed grain production a linchpin to its national security. The policy of self-sufficiency was a legacy of its planned economy from the days of Mao when China was increasingly isolated from the outside world.

“But China’s communist founders couldn’t have predicted the nation’s dizzying rise in meat consumption, which has grown nearly ten-fold to 71 million metric tons since 1975.

The article noted: “That’s why China has been increasingly importing grains such as soybeans and corn from the U.S. and Brazil to boost its livestock population. Grain self-sufficiency was becoming like communist dogma in China: more a theory than a practice.

“Then last week, Beijing called it quits by announcing it was scaling back its annual grain production targets to put a greater emphasis on quality rather than quantity.”

Mr. Pierson explained that, “The shift in grain policy was the clearest signal that policymakers had decided meat production was paramount, a pivot that will ripple across the globe and probably intensify China’s quest for foreign sources of meat, grain and dairy.”