January 20, 2020

Farm Bill; Ag Economy; Biofuels; and, Biotech

Farm Bill- Policy Issues

A news release on Friday (“U.S. Sugar Producers Set Sights on Foreign Subsidies”) indicated that, “With a strong five-year sugar policy at their side, U.S. sugar producers are now setting their sights on addressing the foreign sugar subsidies that make U.S. sugar policy necessary. That’s according to Jack Roney, director of economics and policy analysis for the American Sugar Alliance (ASA), who spoke today at the USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum.

“‘U.S. sugar producers are among the most efficient in the world, and we would thrive in a global freemarket, if one existed,’ he explained. ‘But historically, sugar has been and continues to be the world’s most distorted commodity market because of foreign subsidization. Something must be done about it.’

“Roney says that sugar producers are so serious about addressing foreign subsidies that, even after passage of a five-year Farm Bill, they still remain willing to give up U.S. sugar policy if other countries will end their direct and indirect market-distorting policies.”