January 23, 2020

WSJ– Cargill: ‘A Longterm Mistake’ to Label GMO Foods

From The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Online, April 4- “Cargill executive chairman Gregory Page discusses the impact of global warming on the nation’s food supply, rising food prices and the battle over labeling genetically modified foods. He spoke with WSJ’s Sara Murray at the ECO:nomics conference.”


Drought Conditions Worsen, “Double-Whammy” for U.S. Wheat

The U.S. Drought Monitor indicated this week that drought conditions persist in California and are worsening in parts of Kansas and Oklahoma. Bloomberg news reported today that the drought conditions coupled with freezing temperatures earlier in the year have been a “double-whammy” for wheat producers. The adverse weather conditions have contributed to rising prices for consumers.


Farm Bill- Policy Issues (Hearings); Tax Extenders; Ag Economy; and, CFTC- Friday

Farm Bill- Policy Issues: House Ag Committee Hearing

The House Ag Committee held a hearing yesterday “to review the state of the rural economy,” and heard from Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.