January 23, 2020

Bloomberg– Vilsack: U.S. Agriculture Needs Immigration Bill

From Bloomberg, April 28 – “U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack talks about food prices, supply, and the impact of overhauling immigration laws on agriculture. Vilsack speaks with Alan Bjerga on Bloomberg Television’s ‘In the Loop.'”


Ag Economy (Trade); Immigration; Farm Bill- Policy Issues

Agricultural Economy

Alexandra Wexler reported on the front page of Saturday’s Wall Street Journal that, “You can stretch cotton only so far. Pushed by persistently steep prices for the fabric, apparel makers are weaving synthetic fibers into clothing that was once 100% natural.

“The trend is showing up at a range of retailers, from high-end to mass-market. Jeans from Los Angeles-based seller AG, which specializes in premium denim, are made from cotton, lyocell and polyurethane and cost $168. American Apparel Inc. offers a $22 T-shirt that is a blend of polyester, cotton and rayon. A dress from Hennes & Mauritz AB made from rayon and spandex costs $12.95.

This year, U.S. imports of clothing made chiefly from synthetic materials are poised to outpace cotton apparel for the first time in more than two decades. As recently as 2008, 60% of apparel imports—the vast majority of the U.S. clothing market today—were made of cotton [see related graph from the article].”