January 28, 2020

Wall Street Journal Highlights Transportation Issues- Ag Impacts

Today’s Wall Street Journal (May 14, 2014) contained two interesting articles regarding transportation and the agricultural economy.

The first noted that rail snarls in the U.S. have created a backlog in fertilizer supplies, which is posing problems for farmers in the upper Midwest. While a separate article explained that grain shipments in Canada have been stalled due to increased rail traffic from other commodities like potash and crude oil.


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Agricultural Economy

Steve Everly reported earlier this week at the Kansas City Star Online that, “It’s shaping up as another summer of discontent for Gary Millershaski.

The Kansas wheat farmer is in his third year of drought and things are not looking good this time around for his 3,500 acres of wheat. The question is not if but how much his harvest is going to get slammed. By one estimate, his harvest will be about half of his best ones.”

Mr. Everly pointed out that, “His concerns were confirmed Friday when the federal government said it expects the Kansas winter wheat crop will be the worst since 1996.”

Daniel O’Brien, extension agricultural economist for Kansas State University, calculates this year’s winter wheat crop could bring in $900 million less compared with good years. That figure doesn’t include any proceeds from crop insurance.”

The article added that, “More than half of Kansas is currently classified as being in a drought.”