January 20, 2020

House Legislative Agenda; Farm Bill; Biotech; and, the Ag Economy

House Legislative Agenda- Ag Appropriations, CFTC

Matt Fuller reported on Friday at Roll Call Online that, “Majority Leader Eric Cantor laid out a busy legislative agenda for the remainder of June in a memo to House Republicans sent Friday, scheduling floor time to address issues at the Department of Veterans Affairs, three appropriations bills, three tax extender bills, and legislation to make gas and other energy prices cheaper. Notably absent from the agenda: any mention of immigration, an unemployment extension or the expiring Export-Import Bank.”

Cantor’s memo indicated that Agriculture was one of the three appropriations bills that would be considered.

More specifically, the Majority Leader’s schedule for this week noted that the Agriculture Appropriations measure was listed under the heading, “Tuesday, June 10th and the Balance of the Week;” and, a notice from the House Rules Committee indicated that the Agriculture Appropriations bill would be addressed at a hearing scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

Recall that the Appropriations Committee passed the fiscal year 2015 Agriculture Appropriations bill on May 29, and that debate on the measure centered around controversial nutrition provisions regarding the allowance of “school districts a one-year waiver to opt out of improved nutrition standards promoted by Michelle Obama.”

Interestingly, as this appropriations issue potentially moves to the House floor this week, the Senate Agriculture Committee will also be holding a hearing Thursday titled, “A National Priority: The Importance of Child Nutrition Programs to our Nation’s Health, Economy and National Security.”