November 21, 2019

Front Page of Tuesday’s Des Moines Register- Iowa Ag Summit

Jennifer Jacobs reported on the front page of Tuesday’s Des Moines Register that, “The debut of Jeb Bush on the Iowa presidential landscape is one factor that marks Saturday’s Iowa Agriculture Summit (@IowaAgSummit), as an important milestone of the early 2016 campaign.

“It’s also the first big multi-contender GOP presidential forum that will attract business Republicans who are more interested in economic issues than social issues or God’s place in the civic arena.

“A crush of national media will be in Des Moines to cover the ag summit, which will audition a dozen GOP presidential contenders over a seven-hour period in front of a sold-out audience of 900.”

Ms. Jacobs explained that, “The assemblage of potential presidential candidates will be bigger than Iowa’s previous cattle-call forums, including Bob Vander Plaats’ Family Leadership Summit in August, which attracted religious conservatives, and Steve King’s Iowa Freedom Summit, a January event that also drew heavily from the Christian conservative and tea party factions of the GOP.

“Another key difference at this event will be the format. Rather than giving speeches, each contender will do a 20-minute question-and-answer session with host Bruce Rastetter, an agribusiness leader and GOP power player with close ties to [Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad].”

Today’s Register article added that, “All eyes will be on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

“‘Scott Walker is the runaway front-runner right now (in Iowa), so by default has the most to lose,’ said Tim Albrecht, an Iowa Republican operative who will likely support Bush if he runs for president.”

Note that the Register has a web page devoted to the summit, which can be found here.


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