February 25, 2020

Des Moines Register– Iowa Ag Summit, Sen. Grassley

Christopher Doering reported on the front page of the Business Section of today’s Des Moines Register that, “Presidential hopefuls have reached out to Sen. Chuck Grassley for advice on agricultural issues, a step the Iowa lawmaker said could shed light on a topic that has struggled to get national attention in past races.

“Grassley, who farms corn and soybeans with his son in Butler County, told reporters that two candidates have contacted him for his insight ahead of Saturday’s Iowa Agriculture Summit, which is expected to attract a dozen GOP presidential contenders. He wouldn’t name those who had reached out to him.

“‘The candidates are doing what they should not need an incentive (such as the ag summit) to do,’ Grassley said. ‘If I have to brief them, that means they need some more understanding of the ag issues. When only 2 percent of the people in this country are producing food, we need all the help we can get.'”

Mr. Doering pointed out that, “Grassley said agricultural issues have long failed to attract the attention ‘they ought to get’ during past presidential races. The six-term Iowa senator and member of the Agriculture Committee said he was hopeful the summit would boost the profile of agriculture in the caucuses and throughout the 2016 presidential election.

“Grassley said he told the two potential candidates about several agricultural issues, including the importance of trade to Iowa farmers and the drop in corn and soybean prices that has left some growers struggling to cover their cost of production. He said he reminded the candidates to be compassionate to producers when times get difficult.”

Also with respect to Saturday’s Summit, Jennifer Jacobs tweeted the following about Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) this morning:


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